As we approach the end of the semester, our active brothers are busy getting ready to take their final exams and write their final papers. Many of us might remember the struggles of studying for school and have to fundraise money in order to pay off their dues to support the fraternity.

Membership dues go towards the insurance premium, which is required by school administrations as a condition for recognition and local operation. Without these dues the fraternity cannot function properly and as it stands now, we are falling behind schedule.

In an effort to support our brothers, we created the “Sponsor A Chapter” program to help alleviate some of the financial burden for our active members and allow them to focus on their studies.  80% of every dollar donated will be applied towards any outstanding membership dues while the remaining 20% will go towards supporting the fraternity as a whole.  If a chapter has already paid off their membership dues for this semester, it will be applied towards next semester’s dues.

The program will run until the end of May 2022 to help put our active members at ease while they cram for those exams. This will also give alumni a chance to show their support as we gather and meet for the start of summer break.

Please follow the links below to support a chapter: