New York, NY – Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. sincerely mourns the eight people that were killed when a white man attacked three metro Atlanta massage parlors on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

Six of the eight victims are Asian American women. All three massage parlors were owned by Asian American women. This event is an example of the misogyny and stereotypes that fetishize and hypersexualize Asian women. Combining this with the recent dramatic increase of violence against Asian Americans, Asian American women are particularly vulnerable.

We acknowledge the pain and suffering from these tragedies against Asian American women and the ideology of dehumanizing sex workers. These violent incidents against Asians in America, the hateful Anti-Asian rhetoric and stereotypes must end.

Pi Delta Psi Fraternity calls for solidarity against the racism, hatred, hate speech, violence, and stereotyping of Asian American Women, Asian Americans, and sex workers. We demand action from elected officials to provide support to the AAPI community and to publicly acknowledge and take a stance of ZERO tolerance towards any and all of these instances.

Red Canary Song is a collective of Asian sex workers organizing to decriminalize sexwork and provide protection against the police and deportation. Donate and support at

If you, your family members, someone you know, or community members have experienced xenophobia, discrimination, or harassment, please report the incident at

This year, the national board of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity has directed its chapters to fundraise for the nonprofit Stop AAPI Hate as a national philanthropy and to raise awareness regarding Asian hate crimes.


Founded in 1994, Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. and its over 3000 members seek to bring about Asian-American unity by breaking down cultural barriers amongst Asian communities through upholding and instilling four pillars: academic achievement, cultural awareness, righteousness, friendship, and loyalty. Pi Delta Psi’s mission statement also advocates an increase in education and awareness of Asian cultures as a means of overcoming racism.

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  1. Hanson D.Reply

    Just curious why is there’s so many blacks attacking Asians? It seems like majority of these hate crimes are caused by blacks. Never really understood this. A lot of it is hidden by the left leaning media. Thank you

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