Pi Delta Psi has grown tremendously since its inception in 1994. Our commitment to Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship/Loyalty has attracted members from across the country and allowed for expansions to new schools every year.

Joining our fraternity is a challenging endeavor. Candidates must have the utmost dedication and determination to join the ranks of our esteemed brotherhood. Only virtuous men with great potential may join our organization. By bringing Pi Delta Psi to your school, you join a network of individuals striving for excellence and committed to bettering our society.

Through the fraternity, you will participate in a variety of activities from cultural workshops to social events throughout the nation. You must be a leader on campus, generous with your philanthropy, and compassionate in your interactions with others. For your efforts, you will make new friends of all backgrounds and join an extensive alumni network. This bond of brotherhood will be with you wherever you go, and these experiences will be one of the most impactful endeavors of your life.

In selecting schools for expansion, Pi Delta Psi evaluates the following:

  • Support from your university or college administration
  • Support from your local fraternities and/or sororities
  • Support from local student organizations, particularly Asian and Asian American organizations
  • Students with an interest in Asian or Asian American cultural awareness
  • Students who are determined to bring Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. to their campus

If you are interested in bringing Pi Delta Psi to your school, please submit the form below or reach out to expansion@pideltapsi.com.