Pi Delta Psi University Administrators

Pi Delta Psi strives to establish a cooperative relationship with University advisors and administrators. We rely on campus officials to help guide our chapters toward success. Our local chapters are encouraged to be transparent and to provide open communication with campus officials. Likewise, the National Executive Board is available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us regarding any questions you may have. Additionally, our substantive policies are detailed below.

The In-Take Process

Hazing is a charged and stigmatized word within our community. It describes a practice that puts our new members in unnecessary mental and physical harm. Regardless of the many definitions and standards of what is considered “hazing”, the National Board takes any hazing allegations very seriously, and will respond appropriately.

Pi Delta Psi ‘s intake process is rooted in a curriculum that familiarizes our members with Asian American history, contemporary social issues, and role models. It aims to help our members establish a coherent identity and develop relevant leadership skills. Our process encourages a mentor-mentee relationship between new members and the brothers in developing an understanding of the personal Asian American identity.

While we do keep our ritual practices a secret, our general in-take process is outlined and available upon request. We also maintain a risk management document that outlines restricted practices and subsequent consequences. Both documents may be obtained through our National Board.


Pi Delta Psi prohibits all members from consuming alcohol while wearing fraternity attire, while participating in official fraternity events, and while attending any in-take education program. Any New Member found consuming alcohol during his process will be automatically ejected from the education process. Pi Delta Psi seeks to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and recognizes that alcohol has no place within our organization’s curriculum. Violation of this policy has resulted in chapter suspension, the withdrawal of a chapter’s charter, or the termination of an individual’s membership.


Academic Achievement is our organization’s first pillar. We do maintain a minimum GPA requirement for students seeking membership and for brothers wishing to remain active. Members who fail to maintain our academic standards are restricted from all fraternity activity.

Additionally, our National Board has partnered with Princeton Review to offer graduate school workshops and product discounts for members seeking higher education. We utilize our expanding network of alumni that can aid undergraduate members in their academic and professional goals.


The National Board of Pi Delta Psi has a network of officers throughout the nation who serve as liaisons to community leaders and administrators. These officers, more commonly known as Directors of Chapter Services, are your point person for questions about our local chapters. You may also directly escalate an issue to our National Executive Board by emailing eboard@pideltapsi.com. Our officers understand the importance of communication in promoting the best interests of our local chapter and its respective community. We strive to achieve the standards expected of a model Greek organization.