The History of UF Sigma Chapter

Pi Delta Psi was founded at the University of Florida on November 13, 2004 by 20 men who were dedicated to the advancement of the Asian American community. In January 2003, the group first began evaluating what benefits a fraternity would bring to their Asian American community on campus and addressed problems with the stereotypical Greek community and how it may be detrimental. These men did not want to start an organization that would negatively impact the existing Asian American community and agreed only to establish a fraternity if it would be a beneficial asset for all.

Since its founding, brothers of UF Pi Delta Psi serve to advance the Asian American community and spread cultural awareness while breaking down racial stereotypes. Some of UF Pi Delta Psi’s proudest achievements include the establishment of the non-profit organization Building Dreams Foundation and Students for Building Dreams, which advocates for equal resources for Asian Americans; the formation of Freshmen Leadership Program in Asian American Student Union (AASU); the numerous leadership positions brothers have held as both AASU presidents and officers; and their involvement in Student Government, representing on behalf of Asian Americans. Brothers at UF have been the first Asian Americans to become Student Body Treasurer and, more recently, the first Student Body Vice President from the Asian American community.

University Background

The University of Florida is considered one of the top public universities in the United States and ranks as one of the 5 largest schools by student population. It is home to 17 academic colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. The University of Florida is the premier academic institution in the state of Florida and consistently ranks as one of the top universities worldwide.

Academic Achievement

Brothers of Pi Delta Psi recognize that students’ first and foremost priority at the University of Florida should be to obtain an education. Participation in the Asian American community, Student Government, and even Greek life itself should come second to our primary purpose for being at a top-rate university. Prospective members are disqualified from joining Pi Delta Psi if their academic performance does not meet our standards. Brothers may also take time off from their involvement on campus to focus on academics. Brothers are motivated to maintain high academic excellence in order to participate in the rich campus life and to foster success once they have graduated.

Cultural Awareness

The UF Sigma Chapter is actively involved in the Asian American Student Union at the University of Florida. Brothers have been prominent leaders in all Asian American student organizations. Brothers also maintain an active involvement in Student Government, representing and advocating for all Asian Americans at UF.

On an organizational level, the UF Sigma Chapter enjoys close ties with AASU, Building Dreams Foundation, and numerous other student groups and UF administration. One of the most celebrated and well-known philanthropic event includes the Amazing Race, a campus-wide field day that includes the participation of all cultural student groups and receives numerous sponsorships. All proceeds from Amazing Race go towards the Building Dreams Foundation non-profit. UF Pi Delta Psi has a strong partnership with the Building Dreams Foundation and works together with BDF to advocate for equal resources for Asian Americans by lobbying the Student Government, UF Administration, and the state of Florida.

Pi Delta Psi is also actively involved in putting together UF’s Asian American “Kaleidoscope” Month and the Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leaders. On a smaller scale, Pi Delta Psi performs in numerous cultural shows including the Asian American Student Assembly, Vietnamese Tet Show, Korean Seoul Show, and more.


UF Sigma Chapter’s most recent accomplishment includes spearheading the formation of the Hope for Japan collaborative effort on UF’s campus in response to the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. Pi Delta Psi, in conjunction with working with numerous student groups and UF administration, has been able to raise more than $10,000 for the Japanese relief effort. This philanthropic project is still ongoing and has expanded to a well-known campus-wide collaboration and has even garnered interest at other university campuses.

Pi Delta Psi brothers have been pivotal in increasing AASU’s budget, fighting for equal resources and being granted an Asian American “space”, and making sure the needs of Asian American students are heard and met by the greater campus community.


At the heart of our organization lies a strong bond and a level of trust with each other that is unparalleled. Not only are brothers of Pi Delta Psi held together by the passion for the advancement of the Asian American community but brothers are also part of a true family. Brothers of Pi Delta Psi know that they can depend on each other, not just brothers from within the UF chapter but any brother across the nation. Throughout the semester, brothers will hold numerous social events and enjoy each other’s company. Often times brothers will be found playing sports, lounging around at the pool, working out at the gym, going to the shooting range, and more. At UF, brothers also take numerous road trips throughout the year and visit other chapters. At the end of an accomplished and arduous semester, brothers look forward to the highly anticipated Florida Banquet.

Chapter Goals

At the University of Florida, the work is never done for Pi Delta Psi and the ever-growing Asian American Community. As 8% of the student population, Asians are one of the largest minority groups at UF yet they are continually under represented, lacking many resources that other minority groups have. Brothers will continue to represent the Asian Americans and participate and lead the Asian American community and make it greater. Pi Delta Psi’s continued mission is to mold young men at the University of Florida into leaders for tomorrow’s Asian American community.

Brothers at the UF Sigma Chapter wish to see this come true not only at UF but across the state and southeast region. In the short existence at UF, the Sigma chapter has expanded this vision to 2 other neighboring campuses at UCF and USF. UF Pi Delta Psi’s goal is to continue to spread the vision to other neighboring campuses in the hopes of empowering others who wish to be leaders in their local Asian American communities.

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