What is your most memorable PDP memory?

The memories I cherish most are the simplest ones: hanging out with brothers in their house at Ohio State University, trekking across the east coast from Florida to New York to hang out with brothers of Stonybrook University, having a nice fat sandwich from a grease truck at Rutgers University. I also remember our brotherhood retreats on the beach, camping out and barbecuing, talking about life until dawn.Moments like these when shared with brothers are priceless.

Something you’ve always wanted to do:

I want to write a top 10 best selling novel one day. I want to travel to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, to Rome to see the Coliseum, to China to see the Great Wall, to Egypt to see the pyramids. I want to grow old, wealthy not only in riches and money, but also in experiences. I want this life to be a journey worth remembering, with loving friends and family along the way to share it with. I want to lie on my deathbed counting not the dollars in my bank account, but the moments and friends I made along the way.

Hidden Talents?

I was once a National Champion for Social Studies Academic Games. Pretty much like a brain bowl for Social Studies. I also write for Asia Trend Magazine as a food correspondent. I am an avid social media user. I enjoy meeting others. I am also always down for a challenge.

Why I Pledged Pi Delta Psi:

In one word: Brotherhood. Brotherhood to me is a concept of a lifelong friendship that transcends blood, racial, socio-economic lines, a concept that brings together men of different backgrounds all unified with a common purpose and goal. Brotherhood, to me, is being there for someone when the world turns its back on you, when you need that extra push or shoulder to lean on when you’re down. Through my travels as an interest group member before helping found the UCF Phi Chapter, I could tell the bonds of brotherhood were strong in each member of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, that they were not just your stereotypical frat guys. They were bonded together in purpose in uplifting the Asian American community as well as friends who are down to earth and loyal to each other.

I heard you’re a blogger, what’s that about?

I’m the food writer for Tastychomps.com, a food blog based in Orlando, Florida that was voted Best Food Blog by the Orlando Sentinel newspaper and also featured in the University of Central Florida’s Central Florida Future newspaper. It started out as a hobby of mine based on a lifelong passion for food. Its a fun thing to do outside of work.

How would you advise Neos to succeed as a Brother of PDPsi?

I would advise Neophytes to step forward as new Brothers of Pi Delta Psi and lead the fraternity with the passion and lessons learned during their education process. I would advise Neophytes to not be afraid to ask questions or take initiative in shaping the fraternity in the way they wish to see it grow, for they are now the face of the fraternity and must take ownership as well as all other brothers in the fraternity. You get what you put in, and that goes for everything in life.

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