On the weekend of October 21, 2016, volunteers from various chapters and different cities came to Ithaca, home of Kappa Chapter at Cornell University, to plan the future of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. From inside of the conference room to the beautiful gorges of Ithaca, our volunteers gained fresh perspectives and discovered their true sense of purpose as leaders of the organization. During the retreat, guest speakers from various backgrounds and organizations were invited to share their experiences and knowledges with the volunteers.

Hannah Seoh, Chair of the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) and Bilal Badruddin, National President of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity and Assistant to the Vice President & Dean of Residential Life and Student Support at Colgate University, provided their perspectives and guidance to the volunteers as members from different organizations. Both guests have years of experience in association management, campus advising, and interfraternal relations.

A member of the Association and Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) provided an overview of AFA engagement, interfraternal relations, and other works on campuses across the nation. A student panel consisting of members from the NAPA sub-council of the Multicultural Greek Letter Council (MGLC) shared their insights on chapter/national relationships and individual chapter operations. Alumni members of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., also shared their personal insights and chapter history.

Pi Delta Psi Retreat was an opportunity to gather dedicated volunteers to address, reflect, and identify strategic goals for the fraternity. I was inspired by the commitment and energy from everyone during the weekend. We have an amazing group of volunteers stepping up to lead the fraternity and had insightful guest speakers.

I am so honored to have been the host of this year’s retreat and am pleased to announce the incoming National Board 2016-2017 for our organization.

National Executive Council (Two year terms)
National President: John Loata Jr. ’03, MBA (Rutgers University)
Executive Vice President (EVP): Raphael ‘Raffy’ Rivera ’09 (University of South Florida)
Vice President of Communications (VPC): Alan Wang ’13 (George Mason University)
Vice President of Education (VPED): Jon Lin ’12 (Penn State University)
Vice President of Expansion (VPEX): Travis Shepard ’12 (University of Florida)
Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA): Gabe Lainez ’12 (George Mason University)
Vice President of Finance (VPF): Jason Reyes ’12 (University of South Florida)
Vice President of Operations (VPO): Jeff Gao ’10 (University of South Florida)

National Cabinet
Communications Team
Director of Information Technology: Kyle Nguyen  ’12 (George Mason University)
Director of Public Relations: Edgar Tran ’13 (George Mason University)
Historian: Eric Wu ’13 (University of Connecticut)

Education Team
Director of New Member Education: Austin Funes ’13 (University of Connecticut)
Director of New Member Education: Dan Acampado ’12 (Rutgers University)

External Affairs Team
Director of Academic Initiatives & Standards: TBD
Director of Advocacy: Ben Nguyen ’12 (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Director of Philanthropy: Prem Warde ’11 (University of Central Florida)

Operations Team
Director of Chapter Services, DMVTBD
Director of Chapter Services, Midwest: Meng Yang ’12 (University of Minnesota)
Director of Chapter Services, New York: Eddie Hsiao ’02 (Stony Brook University)
Director of Chapter Services, Northeast: Charles Laboy ’12 (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Director of Chapter Services, Southeast: John Nguyen ’12 (University of Florida)
Directors of Chapter Services, Upstate New York: Nick Butkowski ’09 (University of Rochester) & Tim Yip ’04 (SUNY Buffalo)
Director of Chapter Services, West: Minh Nguyen ’13 (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Convention: Kevin Lee ’11 (New York University)

Please see our website  for updated information of our volunteers here 

Fraternally Yours and Alpha Psi,

Vigor Lam ‘11, M.Ed.
Board of Directors, 2015-2018





Edgar Tran, Director of Public Relations

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