The University of Colorado at Boulder Associate Chapter of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. was established on December 06, 2009. This not only established the 26th chapter of Pi Delta Psi, but also the first and only Asian cultural fraternity in the state of Colorado. This was made possible through the hard-work and dedication of ten men: Kiyoshi Koga, Josh Libid, Duyet Le, Nicho Siauw, Jeff Tran, Andy Tran, Derrick Nguyen, Eric Chan, Alex Phung, and Joon Kim.

These men envisioned a campus enriched by diversity and full of pride, with a united Asian American community that allowed students to experience Asian culture at its best and develop in a well rounded, social college atmosphere. But to make this possible, they needed young ambitious men of an elite class; men who were courageous, determined and driven to excel in all walks of life. They found this in Pi Delta Psi. Working tirelessly for two years, the ten charters brought Pi Delta Psi to the University of Colorado.

This set a milestone in the history of this institution and opened up infinite possibilities for change on campus. Feeling accomplished, the ten men knew that nothing was impossible and that the sky was the limit. The following classes of men great enough to wear the letters of Pi Delta Psi shall carry on the legacy of the founders. They will be leaders amongst their peers and walk into society as seasoned men that will pioneer their respective fields.


UCB Colony
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, Colorado
Est. December 6, 2009