On the morning of April 19th, 2003, eight men crossed over into the Brotherhood of Pi Delta Psi. From various backgrounds and cultures, these eight men stood strong in the face of adversity in an effort to overcome oppression and racial discrimination. These pioneers successfully chartered a class of Pi Delta Psi at The Pennsylvania State University. In the winter of 2008, the PSU colony have accomplished in becoming an Associate Chapter. Within one year, it was again promoted and became the official Tau Chapter of Pi Delta Psi.

Standing true to the bonds of Brotherhood, these eight men were able to foster and nurture personal growth and cultural awareness through the values instilled in them by the Brotherhood. The Foundation was now paved for those who may be valiant enough to walk the same path.

Today, The Pennsylvania State University Tau Chapter exemplifies an allegiance to the ideas of academic excellence, cultural awareness, righteousness through philanthropy and loyalty. The perceptions of ethnic stereotypes have evolved into the higher education of those who have experienced the dynamics of this Fraternity.

From that grateful day, these men became the 15th house established of the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity. These eight men knew that their task of changing the stereotypical Asian image would ever be evolving. Slowly through their hard work of promoting and educating the community has positively impacted those around the Pennsylvania State University main campus at University Park, PA.


Tau Chapter
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
Est. April 19, 2003