“In 1994, these letters were established at the State University of New York at Binghamton, our alpha chapter. On the morning of April 12 2008, we made history as first in the state. 12 men united working as one strong, to forge a special bond that lasts life long. Upholding scholarship and giving to the community, embodying the ideals of brotherhood and unity. Through all the barriers of walls and adversity, working towards multicultural diversity. At the end of all this you may ask us why, because we are the brothers of PI DELTA PSI.”

Twelve leaders and friends wanted to make a difference at the University of Connecticut and took a step towards their goal when they chartered not only the first Pi Delta Psi chapter in Connecticut, but also the first Asian-interest fraternity.

By being involved on campus as leaders on multiple executive boards, the members of the fraternity continue to lead by being living examples every day. Pi Delta Psi aims to give back to the community whenever possible whether through philanthropy or community service. The fraternity also promotes social events not only within the fraternity but throughout the Asian American community and the greater University of Connecticut community to build bonds and relationships between people from all backgrounds.

Lastly, Pi Delta Psi is a fraternity. The hand of brotherhood is always there to guide and help members not only on campus but throughout the nation, there will always be a brother there to help. Every brother of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. at the University of Connecticut represents not only the fraternity, but also the Greek Community and the Asian American community.


Omega Chapter
University of Connecticut
Mansfield, CT
Est. April 12, 2008