In 1998, Mr. Hubert Ho and Mr. Kevin Chiu sought to promote brotherhood and leadership amongst Asians at the Ohio State University. These two men realized the fraternal structure would provide the best way to accomplish their goals.

For two years, Hubert Ho and Kevin Chiu led interest group meetings, researched Asian Greek life, attended rush events, and put forth the extreme effort needed to bring an Asian Fraternity to campus.

By early 2000, Hubert Ho and Kevin Chiu’s effort had paid off after receiving a prestigious bid to pledge with Pi Delta Psi Fraternity. These two men faced obstacle after obstacle, but no hardship would deter nor break apart their united strength.

On April 22, 2000. Hubert Ho and Kevin Chiu crossed as Alpha Pledge Class: Founding fathers of the Ohio State Colony. Their goal had been realized, but their journey into brotherhood had only begun.


Mu Chapter
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Est. April 22, 2000