In December of 2010, a group of friends hoped to take a friendship and make an everlasting brotherhood that will impact the community. The idea of establishing the first Asian American fraternity on George Mason University’s campus was a concept that grew amongst members and leaders of various sub-Asian organizations. Hence, the Asian American Fraternity Interest Group known as From Friends to Family, F-Cubed, was born.

​Coming from all different backgrounds, ages, nationalities, majors, and interests, we united under a set of common principles and, together, set off on a journey. During this journey, F-Cubed faced tribulations including the loss of members and opposition from individuals of the Asian community. Without understanding the ideals of F-Cubed, the stereotypes of fraternities having poor GPAs, not being active in the community, and focusing on partying and drinking was a misunderstood rumor. However, focusing on cultural awareness rather than social aspects, the Asian community began to witness and support the integrity and drive towards the further development of the Asian American community.​

The members of F-Cubed held leadership positions in various organizations including APAC (Asian Pacific American Coalition), FCA (Filipino Cultural Association), KSA (Korean-American Student Association), and VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) at George Mason University. The GPA of F-Cubed continued to rise understanding that we are students first. We envisioned an Asian American community of supporters, rather than spectators, through Alumni network and establishing connections with other universities.

​On November 17th, 2012, 9 men chartered the GMU Colony of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. with the guidance of three esteemed gentlemen in the fraternity: Tony “KidRobot” Mai, a charter at University of South Florida, Romel “F.E.A.R.” Pancho, a charter at University of South Florida, and Raphael “AMUN-RA” Rivera, a well-respected brother of the fraternity. Collectively, these men made history by establishing the first and only Asian American Cultural Fraternity at George Mason University.


Alpha Gamma Chapter
George Mason University
Fairfax County, VA
Est. November 17, 2012