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In 2008, Bill Lu sought to establish the first Asian American Fraternity on campus at the University of Minnesota. With the support of Patrick Lin, Danny Hong, Kevin Wang, Hien Le, Paul Yi, Chester Kong, Yefei Jin, Sam Lee, Ricky Thonglyvong, Guo Ming, and Jay Wu, an interest group was founded with the intentions of raising awareness of all Asian communities and ultimately establishing a fraternal charter.

During the next two years, the twelve hosted numerous events, assisted other organizations, and engaged in philanthropy on and off campus. Alongside these involvements, they also researched Asian Greek Life, aligning their values with the mission statement of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc.

On April 16th, 2011, all twelve crossed to form the Alpha Class at the University of Minnesota. With the foundation fixed in place, the family of brothers will mature together and strive to accomplish our goals. As new names emerge under the red, black, and white banner of Minnesota Pi Delta Psi, it is within hope and perseverance that our future can and will be written by our brothers.

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Alpha Delta Chapter
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN
Est. April 16, 2011