Stop AAPI Hate Fundraiser T Shirt Project
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Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Launches Fundraiser T-Shirt Project to Benefit Stop AAPI Hate Non-Profit

Shirt features “Not Your Model Minority” – What is the Model Minority Stereotype? It is the cultural expectation placed on Asian Americans as a group that each individual will be: smart (i.e., “naturally good at math, science, and technology”), hard-working, self-reliant, living “the American dream”, docile and submissive, obedient and uncomplaining, spiritually enlightened and never in need of assistance. This label is used to divide our communities and this stereotype as well as the exoticization and hypersexualization of Asian women continue to dehumanize Asian Americans. We are not a monolith – but are a diverse group of individuals, with diverse experiences.

In the past year over 3,800 hate incidents of racism and discrimination have occurred across our Nation against the Asian American community and most recently the tragic events in the suburban Atlanta area. We must come together and show that we are not afraid to stand up, we are not afraid to speak out and we are Not Your Model Minority.

Proceeds from the shirt sales will help the families of victims and help fund the fight against racism through the nonprofit organization Stop AAPI Hate. We hope these shirts will help us bring to light issues the Asian American communities face and show that we stand together in solidarity as one against hatred. These shirts are printed by Asian American owned business Impress Ink. #stopasianhate #stopaapihate

Pi Delta Psi Fraternity calls for solidarity against the racism, hatred, hate speech, violence, and stereotyping of Asian American Women, Asian Americans, and sex workers. We demand action from elected officials to provide support to the AAPI community and to publicly acknowledge and take a stance of ZERO tolerance towards any and all of these instances.

This year, the national board of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity has directed its chapters to fundraise for the nonprofit Stop AAPI Hate ( as a national philanthropy and to raise awareness regarding Asian hate crimes.

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Founded in 1994, Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. and its over 3000 members seek to bring about Asian-American unity by breaking down cultural barriers amongst Asian communities through upholding and instilling four pillars: academic achievement, cultural awareness, righteousness, friendship, and loyalty. Pi Delta Psi’s mission statement also advocates an increase in education and awareness of Asian cultures as a means of overcoming racism.

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