What is your most memorable PDP memory?

Not too long after I had crossed, the whole chapter got together at one of the brother’s apartments to hang out and reflect on the past semester. We spent the whole night telling stories, cracking jokes, and sharing our ambitions for the future of the RPI Colony. It was then and there that I knew that we were all going to be friends forever and that the strength of the brotherhood between us could never be broken. Since then, we have faced major setbacks and challenges, graduated and moved away from each other; and that bond of brotherhood still exists and thrives between us all.

Something you’ve always wanted to do:

I have always wanted to be become a competitive eater. The required discipline and training that someone like Takeru Kobayashi goes through to become the best competitive eater in the world is absolutely awe inspiring and comparable to that of an Olympic athlete. It would be awesome to be feared by all the buffet lines in town.

Hidden Talents?

I am a pretty good at sending mixed signals leading to utter confusion of the other party and delivering cryptic statements that leave people second guessing everything. I am also decent at lame puns and sexual innuendos. In-YOUR-end-o.

Why I Pledged Pi Delta Psi:

Growing up in a predominantly Caucasian suburb outside of Boston, I always found myself drawn to my Asian heritage than my relatively American upbringing. The Pi Delta Psi Fraternity offered the best place environment for me to meet others who shared my same predicament and learn about myself. Also, after rushing a lot of other fraternities on campus, I found that this fraternity fit my personality much better and offered much more potential return on my efforts in terms of leadership and professional development.

I heard you had a nice set of wheels. How that going?

Apparently, the ’09 Honda Fit Sport stock wheels are in high demand. Mine were stolen after owning my car for about month a half. Since then, I have replaced them with a set of steel wheels with no plans of getting a different set of rims.

What’s your favorite/most awesome snowboarding experience?

This past March, I was at Whiteface in Lake Placid, NY. The conditions weren’t all that great but those conditions led to a unique situation at the peak. Midday, a thick fog settled onto the peak and visibility dropped to nearly zero. Riding through the clouds was surreal and for a brief moment, it was if I was flying through the sky – Silver Surfer style. This experience was epic.

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