How did you start your business?

Nick, Tony, and I started One Greek Store in the Summer of 2006. We basically wanted something to do during summer break that allowed us to earn some extra cash.

As brothers of Pi Delta Psi, we realized that there were very few companies retailing products with our letters. Back then, we couldn’t find any PDPsi products online; or anywhere for that matter. And, the local Greek Store we worked with wasn’t very good at producing quality products. After some research and an initial investment, we started our business by selling to friends, family, and bros.

We were lucky to watch the business grow quickly. Looking back, it’s hard to believe all that we’ve seen with the growth of our business. One Greek Store started in a tiny apartment and has now grown to encompass a large Warehouse and Retail space. We couldn’t have done this without the continued support of the brothers! Thanks guys!!

What do products and/or services do you offer?

We specialize in custom Fraternity and Sorority apparel; including Line Jackets, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Blankets and more. We also retail paddles, Greek jewelry, and other Greek merchandise. In addition to the Greek business, we also provide custom apparel services to businesses, schools, churches, student organizations and more.

Is there a Bro Discount?

Of course!! Check the forums for the code! 🙂

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