With Cultural Awareness as one of the core pillars of Pi Delta Psi, Nu Chapter has always sought ways to increase Asian American awareness on campus. One of the staple events that the brothers at CMU have done since their establishment is the Iron Chef competition. This year was their 8th annual competition, with the secret ingredient being corn. Participation from the Greek community improved immensely from last year, and the audience was lively. Nu Chapter had a sponsorship from Hokkaido, which allowed them to provide a buffet table that welcomed more guests at the event event. They were even able to create the dramatic effect of misty fog flowing off the secret ingredients table thanks to the use of dry ice.

In the absence of the annual Dragon Boating event, a new event was created: Spicy Food Night. In this event, participants and introduced to the different spicy dishes from Asia. This event was as successful as our Iron Chef competition, if not more.

The event had a huge audience and a huge buffet in the back to accompany them. For the entertainment, Nu Chapter had a spicy food contest, where each level would increase in hotness. They encouraged everyone to enter the contest, and even created custom shirts for them to don while trying to accomplish the task. The audience watched as contestants struggle to stay within the competition. The brothers can even proudly admit to causing severe pain for those who made it to the last level. Nu Chapter hopes to make this another annual event. In addition to these annual events, Nu Chapter has continued to participate in other events such as Culture Night and ARCC’s Night Market.

Pi Delta Psi at CMU also has a long history of giving back to the community, and this year it hasn’t changed. The chapter participated in events such as Relay for Life, 1000Plus, Donut Dash, Pray for Japan, and Greek Sing. Whether it be cleaning up the earth or donating to important causes, one thing is sure: No matter the event, Pi Delta Psi will always continue to do its best to give to the community.

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