Information for Interested Students

Pi Delta Psi provides students with an opportunity to enrich their college experience. Through our Fraternity’s four pillars: Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship/Loyalty, students can expand all aspects of there college life.

For students who do not have a Pi Delta Psi chapter on their local campus, please refer to the Expansion Page to learn how you may establish a new chapter. Otherwise, students looking to join at their local campus should consult local members. Information about our chapters can be found on the Chapters page.

You may also find further information about the recruitment process below.

The Recruitment Process

Recruitment, also commonly referred to as Rush, is a series of free events held at the beginning of the semester. During rush, prospective members are given an opportunity to meet and interact with Brothers of Pi Delta Psi. These events allow prospective members to learn about the Fraternity and provides further understanding of membership in the Greek community.

Common Misconceptions

Many students come to college believing that Greek Organizations only party and get drunk. They see fraternal organizations as an avenue where students can buy friendships and do nothing but socialize. However, prospective members should consider why fraternal organizations were first formed and the goals many of these organizations were founded upon. Although social aspects are part of any Greek organization, Pi Delta Psi prides itself on four pillars: Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship/Loyalty. We believe that a Greek organization is a place where students can better themselves. We encourage our members to do well in school, be active on campus, and to service the community. Most importantly, through our organization, we build everlasting bonds among our Brothers. Rather than accepting the myths associated with Greek Life, take the time to truly meet the Brothers of Pi Delta Psi and see why we chose to be a part of the Asian American Greek Community. You might be surprised.

Do I have to be Asian?

No. You do not have to be Asian to be a part of our Fraternity. Although our focus is on Asian and Asian American issues, we accept students from all aspects of life, no matter their background. Nationwide, Pi Delta Psi consists of Brothers from all walks of life.

Why Pi Delta Psi?

Pi Delta Psi prides itself on striving toward excellence in every aspect of human endeavor. Many organizations may focus on just one facet of the college experience. There are student groups that focus primarily on community service and others on socializing. What sets Pi Delta Psi apart from other organizations is the commitment to our 4 pillars. Through our Fraternity, you can become part of a Brotherhood that commits itself to Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship/Loyalty. Not only do we claim this commitment, we act upon it. Please take the opportunity to meet our members and learn about our organization through this website. Remember, Brotherhood is Eternal.