Obama Speak 06.11.13

This past Tuesday, June 11, 2013, National Executive Board Recorder, Vigor Lam, was invited to attend the White House for Obama’s speech on Immigration Reform, a a very hot topic going on in Congress currently.

Vigor Obama 06.11.13

Vigor sat amongst many community leaders to listen to our POTUS speak on Immigration Reform; how common sense it is to pass this bill, to make sure proper steps are taken to create a pathways for the 11 million DREAMers to EARN their citizenship. As Obama said, this bill is NOT perfect, but it’s a compromise. Its support trumps party lines. This is EVERYONE’S issue. These DREAMers, like the girl who introduced the President, are our friends, neighbors, etc. They want a fair and just way to become American, as they feel in their heart they already are.

To see a full video of the speech, please click here.

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