“I heard of other Asians being assaulted over this, but when you are actually ridiculed yourself, you really feel it.” – Dr. Edward Chew

As we all know, we are currently facing a global pandemic; a dynamic, evolving situation. Businesses are closing, hospitals are overwhelmed, and people are suffering. As countries around the globe work to fight this unprecedented outbreak, our hearts go out to those who are affected. We ask everyone to please take proper measures to ensure safety for not only their loved ones, but for others as well.
The response to COVID-19 spawned another menacing issue: xenophobia and racism. As the Coronavirus spreads, we began to witness acts of discrimination in forms of verbal and physical attacks against the Asian communities, including restaurants, districts and its people. We view these unrighteous acts against our APIA community as inexcusable. In a time when all people are facing a future that is uncertain, we must not let this be our undoing- we must stay united.
Call your loved ones. Wash your hands often. Donate to those in need. Support your local (Asian) businesses. Thank your friends who work in healthcare. Help your neighbor who doesn’t have a car get groceries. Be there for each other – for in trying times like these is when we, as people, need each other most.
More empathy. More positivity. More unity.
Phreezy “Final Cut” Naufaldy & David “Kommence” Park
National Co-directors of Public Relations

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