2011-2012 Order of Omega Recipients

Congratulations to the following brothers for their selection in to the Order of Omega.
The Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Greek organizations. Order of Omega recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Greek, campus, and local community. Members are selected from the top 3% of students at each institution.

  • Jonathan Browning – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Eric Chan – University of Central Florida
  • Scion Li – Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Tony Mai – Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Tho Nguyen – University of Florida
  • Dennis Ou – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Kenneth Tran – University of Florida
  • Toan Tran – University of Central Florida
  • Christopher Winardi – University of Florida
  • Jake Yap – University of Florida

Brothers Speak at APIA Presidential Town Hall

There has been only one sustained project involving direct collaboration between national Asian American fraternities and sororities. That project, born out of a partnership between advocacy group APIA (Asian Pacific Islander American) Vote and the National APIA PanhellenicAssociation (NAPA), is Project Five Percent.The project aims to highlight APIA issues in national politics by registering APIA youth to vote. The hope is that higher Asian American voter turnout would sway candidates to cater to the issues of our community.

Pi Delta Psi has consistently been at the forefront of this project, and youth civic engagement efforts in general. In 2008, Pi Delta Psi brothers held three of the eight positions in Project Five Percent’s National Planning Board, including that of Board Director. In July of 2012, four youth leaders representing the Asian American collegiate community spoke at the APIA Presidential Town hall in front of thousands of community leaders and members of Congress; of the four, two are Pi Delta Psi brothers. Brothers William Xu from the Rochester Institute of Technology represented NAPA, and Vigor Lam from Ohio State University represented the Midwest Asian American Student Union.

Such accomplishments are evidence of Pi Delta Psi’s unparalleled commitment to cultural excellence. Our organization recognizes that Asian American awareness must go beyond campus organizing, to community organizing. It also means educating brothers on issues like how Asian Americans are least likely of all minorities to vote, and to actively address such issues through the passion and commitment of the membership. It is through such efforts that our brothers develop organizational and leadership skills. It is with these initiatives that we create our identity as a brotherhood.

UC Berkeley Colony Established

Congratulations to the newly established University of California at Berkeley Colony of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc.!! We are very proud of the following Alpha Class charters:

Michael ” Nibbles” Fuerte
Year: Freshman
Major: Physics

Michael “Aristotle” Naranjo
Year: Junior (transfer)
Major: Political Science

Kao “Isolation” Saechao
Year: Sophomore
Major: Integrated Biology

Phu “Epiphany” Lam
Year: Freshman
Major: Intended Molecular and Cell Biology

Jeff “Hemlock” Dea
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Economics

Pi Delta Psi was officially established at the University of California at Berkeley on December 4, 2011 by these five men.  Inspired with aspirations to build a better sense of Asian unity and awareness on campus while addressing the stereotypes of the Greek system, they sought the guidance of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.  This group of men, through dedication, hard work, patience, and perseverance, attained their goal of founding Pi Delta Psi on the campus of UC Berkeley.  Currently, Pi Delta Psi is recognized by the Multi Cultural Greek Council.

First Asian American Student Body President at UF

Today, we celebrate an even greater milestone for our community and fraternity. We are honored to recognize, Anthony-Ray E. Reynolds, UF Sigma Chapter’s Eta 55 – Brother “Fallout” who was the Vice President of the UF student body, and is now the new UF Student Body President. He is the FIRST Asian American to serve as president of the student body in South. This is possibly one of the greatest achievements a brother of Pi Delta Psi has ever accomplished at their respective school. Below are the articles related to Anthony’s success from his campaign as the Student Body Vice President to now his Presidency at UF.

http://www.alligator.org/news/student_government/article_e41fddd0-2e88-11e0-a1d0-001cc4c002e0.html http://www.alligator.org/news/student_government/article_a99b7cbc-3fe2-11e0-b0e3-001cc4c03286.html http://www.alligator.org/news/student_government/article_a852bb1a-f08e-11e0-9b2a-001cc4c002e0.html

Brother Anthony Reynolds featured in Asian Trend Magazine

Brother Anthony “Fallout” Reynolds was recently featured in Asian Trend Magazine after being elected Student Body Vice-President at the University of Florida.

Asian Americans have rarely held executive positions within UF’s Student Government. Anthony is the first Asian American male to have been elected Student Body Vice-President in campus history. With his election, Anthony continues the tradition of Pi Delta Psi to break down barriers for the Asian Americans community Great work Anthony!

The entire article can be seen here: Anthony Reynolds: Young Asian American Leading the Way.