How did you start your business?

In 2005, Derek Hsiang aka So-Low flipped on the tv to watch 35-year-old Andre Agassi miraculously grind through his US Open draw and push Roger Federer to the limit for the first 3 sets of the final. Immediately, Derek caught the tennis bug. Armed with a passion for tennis, a dash of blissful ignorance, no business plan, and little industry knowledge, Derek left corporate life in 2007 and partnered with Doris Maffia. Together, they founded The Tennis Store ( on the revolutionary principle that people should be able to buy tennis stuff on the internet. Within 5 years, it grew from a bedroom-laptop-cellphone operation into 1700 square feet of pure retail sexiness in Huntington Village, where it now operates under the name Solow Sports.

What products and/or services do you offer?

As a specialty tennis store, we have a massive selection of tennis racquets in addition to apparel, footwear, bags, strings, and other accessories. Services include same-day racquet restringing, regripping, and racquet customization. Since all of our employees specialize in tennis, we are able to give very custom-tailored advice to find the ideal equipment and maximize your game… or at least help you pick an outfit to look good in while you lose.

We’re gradually adding other sports, too, and we currently also carry platform tennis and beach tennis equipment. In the near future, we will be adding swimming and soccer equipment.

Is there a Bro Discount?

Of course… give Derek a call at the store at 631-629-4940 or just use the coupon code “PDPSI” for 10% off anything on the website.

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