Inside Scoop: Immigration Reform Speech from POTUS

June 13th, 2013

Obama Speak 06.11.13

This past Tuesday, June 11, 2013, National Executive Board Recorder, Vigor Lam, was invited to attend the White House for Obama’s speech on Immigration Reform, a a very hot topic going on in Congress currently.

Vigor Obama 06.11.13

Vigor sat amongst many community leaders to listen to our POTUS speak on Immigration Reform; how common sense it is to pass this bill, to make sure proper steps are taken to create a pathways for the 11 million DREAMers to EARN their citizenship. As Obama said, this bill is NOT perfect, but it’s a compromise. Its support trumps party lines. This is EVERYONE’S issue. These DREAMers, like the girl who introduced the President, are our friends, neighbors, etc. They want a fair and just way to become American, as they feel in their heart they already are.

To see a full video of the speech, please click here.

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